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Kauri is a mobile-first taxi marketplace. It connects offline business of used taxi sellers with other taxi entrepreneurs / taxi drivers / just interested in cheap cars people.

Marketplace requires several user-verification onboardings due to the market legislations.

Tech stack




Features overview

Search panel

Taxi page

Registration / login via Google / Facebook / email

Phone verification

Account management panel

Landing page

Loan calculator and loan verification form

Personality verification form

Kauri screenshots



Authorization can be done

1. Via email

Authorize directly via email → get a verification via Sendgrid → get redirected to the app

2. Via SSO (Google / Facebook)

Authorize with SSO → enter the app

Login screenshots
Google SSO screenshots
Admin panel

Admin user can create groups of taxis aims to recommend similar taxis to user within the group. This personalization feature allows to see all the taxis from one group right on the taxi page. Additionally, in this admin panel you can seach for the taxis/groups, edit and delete them.

Admin panel screenshots
Taxi page screenshots
Responsive design

The app is mobile responsive. It can shrink, it can expand, but more specifically - it works smoothly on any device and any phone model.

Onboarding screens